Data protection and DSGVO
- 76h builds the heat shield for your data shuttle

Secure protection of your data is as important to your business as the heat shield is to the space shuttle. Without it, your company would fall apart into its component parts. Therefore, you should definitely work with experienced specialists in this area. Our data protection agency offers you all conceivable services in the area of data protection, DGSVO or GDPR and consent management.

Consulting - get ready for take-off

As your data protection agency, we provide the necessary initial consultation to protect your valuable data. Every company has different data, software and storage options. Therefore, it is immensely important to analyze the current status of the implementation of your data protection measures and to check for potential vulnerabilities.

This analysis is usually followed by a consultation on how to improve or need to improve the existing system. After our in-depth consultation, we are of course ready to get your Space Shuttle ready for launch and fix any problems.

Technical implementation

As experts in the field of data protection, we not only advise you on how to protect your data, but also make your company ready for takeoff on our own.

Once the problem areas are uncovered, it’s on to implementation. This involves important factors such as regular updates, the implementation of backups and virus scanners, a disclosure control and input control, or logging of insights into the data. The integration of appropriate solutions for the DSGVO-compliant playout of cookies, for example by integrating a cookie banner, is also important to us and should be important to you.

If these functions are all implemented and functional, then almost nothing stands in the way of a meteoric rise and a stable trajectory of your spaceship.

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Legal support from strong partners

Our strong partners in the legal field are at your side without any ifs and buts in case of legal questions or problems. If a high level of technical know-how is or could become necessary in the context of your problem, then our experts will intervene in the communication. However, you can count on our technical support and the legal advice of our partners not only in the event of a problem – our partners will also be happy to assist you with legal reviews of your own situation or with legally binding inquiries.

We are well aware that the protection of your data and the General Data Protection Regulation often stand in the way of a smooth flight. However, technical & legal problems can usually be solved in the speed of light with enough know-how.

We coach you on the subject of data protection!

To ensure that the ongoing tasks in the area of data protection in your company can be handled smoothly and in self-administration, we are happy to offer you individual coaching and consulting.

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