Received a warning?
We will make sure that no more will follow!

As WordPress experts, we understand how to make your website compliant with the GDPR. At the speed of light, our crew ensures that your Google fonts load locally from now on. This means that in future you will be safely protected against warnings from lawyers such as Kilian Lenard or law firms such as RAAG Kanzlei. And all this is cheaper than the costs of the (next) warning.


Local Google Fonts
  • Analysis of your fonts
  • Local integration
  • Testing & Report


Analysis and consultation
auf Anfrage
  • Website audit
  • GDPR / DSGVO Check
  • Recommendation for action

Embed Google Fonts locally? No problem!

Do you manage or own a WordPress setup that uses Google Fonts? Have you already received a warning or are you afraid of receiving one soon? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we can help you integrate your fonts on your server in compliance with the DSGVO at the speed of light.

This is how simple we protect you from further warnings:


You can fill out our contact form or simply give us a call. We will process your request immediately and get back to you.


You give us access to your Wordpress setup so that we can start our work. We then analyse all the Google Fonts you use in your Wordpress setup.


We implement our solution and set it up individually for you and your WordPress setup. This ensures that all fonts you use are integrated in a DSGVO-compliant manner.


We will contact you as soon as we have implemented our solution in your Wordpress setup and provide you with a short report that logs that your fonts are now loaded locally.

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As a young but experienced agency, we place particular value on fair and transparent pricing, which we always communicate openly.

  • Fair and transparent pricing
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  • Over 20 years of industry knowledge
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