Development fuel from 76h

Whooooooosh! Houston, initial ignition has succeeded! Your company is on its way to a new, better galaxy! 76h fills your fuel tank with the finest Development Fuel. Take a look, we have a lot to offer.

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Experience & Know-How in Web Development

Our spaceship crew has now gathered more than 15 years of experience with the Internet and its underlying technology. And what a journey and development this Internet has been through! In comparison, the flight to the moon looks downright old. In 15 years, we have progressed from Facebook’s beginnings to the Internet of Things, the Metaverse, and decentralized currencies. Of course, we are far from the end of this development. Our crew members always have their eyes on the sky and want to achieve even more, learn even more, and help even more people get the most out of the Internet for themselves and everyone else.

This is the main focus of our dedicated web developers, who will make your Internet spaceship ready for take-off on an exciting odyssey. We use state-of-the-art frameworks to create the perfect solution for you. You can rely on our advice in this regard. If we think the buy decision makes more sense than the make decision, we communicate that to you. The profit is not in the foreground for us, but the satisfaction of our customers.

Backend, Frontend & API Development - get to know our all-rounder crew

Our development agency is well versed with all aspects of web development. Whether it’s technical back-end wrenching, creative front-end tinkering, or welding together API interfaces – you bring us your problem, and we’ll deliver the solution with the help of active design thinking. Security and data protection are always in the foreground. No matter how beautifully and modernly designed a spaceship is, it is of little use to you if the heat shield has gaps. We work with both content management systems and custom solutions. You have the choice. We are also open to combinations of both variants. The priority is always the seamless integration of all the applications you want for your website. This is exactly why we have API specialists in our development agency. They are very familiar with REST(ful), SOAP, XML, CSV and much more.

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Houston, problem is solved

Wailing sirens. Red flashing lights. Leak in the oxygen tank. The life support system is down. Houston, we have a problem! All we can say is: stay calm. If one of your applications ever fails and you no longer have contact with the original developer, it’s a problem, but definitely not unsolvable. Report to our crew and we’ll send over an escape pod to bring you safely back to solid ground. We also offer fast and uncomplicated assistance in the event of hacker attacks. This is also necessary, because otherwise your provider may block your domain. We would love to help you avoid such a super-GAU.

Ready to get started?

Then contact the bridge today and tell us about your development case. We are at your disposal with our supernatural knowledge and intergalactic network with words and deeds.

Frameworks & Programmiersprachen
Infrastruktur & Tools
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Successfully landed projects & co-pilots
Far from moon prices!

Ready for take-off? No? We do! We would be happy to help you get ready for a new era in your company. A professionally developed website is indispensable nowadays.Get on our spaceship, gently close the hatch behind you, make yourself comfortable and float with us towards infinity.

"Houston, wir hören Stimmen!"

"Houston, we hear voices!"

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