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76h helps you set sail for new heights – we fill your ship with the necessary fuel for the initial ignition for the journey to a more modern corporate environment. To this end, we are happy to support you in topics such as file digitization, workflow management, or cloud storage, which are already inevitably facing companies today.

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Digitization of business files - departure to the type II office

A paperless office is a great idea, isn’t it? It still seems to many business leaders like reaching Type II of the Kardashov scale with the help of a Dyson sphere – almost impossible. This step is not quite so dramatic after all.

We can help you achieve a completely paperless office. Your archive becomes easily searchable – we put an end to filing cabinets and paper warfare. In doing so, we pay 100% attention to GoBD compliance and auditability, so that you and your company are on the safe side and get a little closer to your own Dyson sphere.

Smoother workflow desired

The optimization of processes is the foundation of every successful company. However, efficiency needs to be well planned. Workflows must not only be optimized, but must also function smoothly together with other areas of the company. In the best case, different teams should not just be able to work alongside each other, but with each other and build on each other.

We help you take steps toward better workflow management and higher levels of process digitization. This means, for example, that the management of your files can be done by fewer staff than in the days of physical files. Many other ancillary processes can be automated in this way, such as basic chats with customers through chatbots, the recording of key figures in Excel spreadsheets, and much more.

The moon landing was one of the starting shots for digitization – you too can become part of a more modern, efficient working world.

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Save safely with 76h

Where do you want your data to reside? On a local server? On a hard drive in a vault, cut off from the rest of the world? Or in the cloud after all? This decision may sound quite simple at first, but there are a few points to consider. For example, what about security when storing in the cloud? Is there a risk that data can be stolen or that there will be a crash and thus a standstill of the operation? What is the cost factor? We will advise you in detail and help you solve your problems.

We prepare you for the digital transformation!

We offer you individual consulting on the topic of digitization and digital transformation. This is how we enable you and your employees to drive and manage the digital transformation on your own.

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76h is your digitization agency. We advise you on all topics in the orbit of cloud storage, process digitization, workflow management and much more. Contact us now!